Friday, October 25, 2013

Easy Water is a scam

Easy Water is a scam

Don't believe any of the positive reviews about this product, the Easy Water water softening solution is a scam.  The saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" is very relevant here.  Easy Water claims to be able to soften the water through electromagnetism created by coiling an electrical wire around your water pipe, but this is certainly not the case as science does not support, yet rather refutes their case.

Most people with very hard water have a normal chemical-based purifier in which chemicals are added to the water supply.  To them, (And you, probably, since you're reading this) Easy Water must sound like a dream -- far gone are the days where one would need to go out and buy more chemicals and remember to add them into the system in order to soften the water, just flip a switch and forget about it!

Wouldn't that be wonderful?  Unfortunately, that's not at all how it works.  Without getting deep into the science behind it, several engineers and scientists were in discussion about this product recently on a plumbing-related forum, and they all agreed on one thing:  This sort of electromagnetism would have absolutely zero effect on your water quality.

When first turned on, the system apparently removes the scale buildup from inside your water heater, and as a result, they warn that the Easy Water system may actually degrade the quality of your water for a period of one or two weeks, but even if electromagnetism could magically clean out the inside of your tank, this wouldn't actually have any effect on the quality of the water, as hard water is caused not by the condition of your water tank, but rather the water supply in general.  Quite comically, (for those of us who haven't bought in to this scam), even if it did succeed in cleaning out the inside of your water heater, this product would only be capable of making your water quality worse, not making it better in the long run.

Another thing that grinds my gears about this product is other people posting positive reviews about it.  It seems to me like every easy water review that I read looks like it's written by the same person -- the situations mentioned are the same, or very similar, results are the same, and the reviewer gives the product their seal of approval, the only difference is the name of the poster.  Personally, I think that there's an easy water employee out there whose job is to try to push positive reviews out on to the internet in order to squeeze more money out of honest people.

Whatever you do, don't fall for the easy water scam.  If it worked, it'd be an amazing product, but sadly, it's just garbage.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is Easy Water a Scam?

Have you taken a look at some Easy Water reviews in recent times? If you have not you then must be one of the few people who haven’t noticed the Easy Water water supply softener. This Easy Water tap water softener is built to soften hard water as stated in the unit brand. However, as there are numerous added benefits which a human being may well discover out of this tool, a lot of people kind of left in question whether the Easy Water standard tap water softener is indeed beneficial. If you are interested about the Easy Water unit, you have to examine the Easy Water reviews.

According to the Easy Water reviews, the Easy Water strategy is very effective. It genuinely has water softening potential that's got lots of benefits to the human body. A individual previously proclaimed inside the critique that this gadget has made their curly hair considerably softer. Regular hard water usually dries his hair, but when he's hooked up the Easy Water gadget, he or she could (blank) just take a warm shower and feel that this type of water is without question making his or her hair softer. This is among the Easy Water reviews that had been given by an individual that has tried the product.

Another Easy Water reviews state that the product can give rise to the softening of the skin. The operator claimed as part of his analysis that prior to when he has put in the easy water apparatus, his spouse (blank) constantly complains regarding the hard water making his wife’s pores dry. Because of this they have already opted to install the Easy Water device and because the unit installation they have personally noticed a remarkable change in the water which they make use of and so they can easily feel its effects on their epidermis too. His lover currently affirms that both of them have better epidermis on account of the easy water gadget. This is one other one of the Easy Water reviews.

However, not all of the Easy Water reviews are excellent. There are as well users who proclaimed that the product is actually pretty much nothing but useless. Some of the terrible feedbacks state that the chemical concept behind the device will not reinforce its ultimate results. Another person asserted they experienced no change after they used the unit. nonetheless, reps associated with the easy water machine says that it's going to take more time prior to end users can feel the benefit associated with the easy water system because scales within the conduits requires a while to get removed. These are a few of the Easy Water reviews regarding this questionable solution.

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